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The Big Lap: what should you pack?

We are now well into single-digits on the OUR BIG LAP countdown, and officially now less than one week away from heading off on our big adventure.

In terms of preparations, we are getting there - slowly! Lloyd has been busier than hoped and expected at work, and, assisted by an ill-timed head cold, my inner procrastinator’s game remains strong. We will get there eventually however, of that I am sure.

When planning to take on a big lap or to hit the road long term there is no doubt that the perennial question is, "What should I pack?"

What a great question! It is one that has been plaguing us since we started to plan for OBL. Trying to find that sweet spot where you have everything you need and nothing you don’t feels like trying to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You search and search, but does it really exist? It consumes your mind as you deal constantly in hypotheticals, trying to imagine what you are going to want and need in terms of equipment and clothing in hundreds of destinations all over Australia that, at this point, are just names on a map or gorgeous photos on Instagram.

New Age Caravans Big Red Cupboard with kids

Plenty of room to pack the kids!

Of course there is the safety net of shops conveniently located all over this great land, but we are people who like to be prepared. We would rather head off feeling as though we have all our bases covered and all the major purchases considered and taken care of.

So for us I guess we can’t answer the "What should I pack?" question for sure and certain until OBL is but a memory, but we have done our best to consider our trip, our planned destinations and how we want to spend our time and have come up with our packing list which we hope will have us covered.

CLICK HERE to view the OBL Packing List - we will update it as we go along with anything else we add (or jettison) on our travels.

New Age Caravans Big Red Our Big Lap Weekend Set Up

Our 'weekend away' set up.


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