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Thanks for stopping by! OUR BIG LAP will commence on 17 April 2017 and will see us do a lap (anti-clockwise) around Australia in just under seven months. We have roughly plotted our planned route (as shown on map, right), with plenty of notes and fishing spots detailed from our research and dreaming over the past two years.


As soon as we made the decision to do OUR BIG LAP we knew we wanted to be able to record as many of the great (and maybe not so great) memories that would be made along the way.


As we threw ourselves into researching all things caravanning, big laps and so on we were encouraged, inspired and informed by so many Australian families who have been there and completed their big lap before us. 


So we have built this website to, first and foremost, be a place where we can share our experiences and photos from our journey, for our own record and for friends and family who are following our travels back at home; and secondly, to be a source of information and inspiration for anyone out there who may be considering undertaking their very own Big Lap.

We hope you enjoy OUR BIG LAP as much as we intend to!

Map of Australia with planned travel route

OUR BIG LAP map of dreams...

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