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We are the Pollard family - Lloyd, Bec and our two gorgeous kids, Ava (4) and Finn (2). We are an ordinary family from the rural fringe of Sydney looking to do something that will be extraordinary for our family.


We are making the decision to unshackle ourselves from the tried and true path of working hard to get ahead; to pause and take a breath, and for a short while at very least, live in the right here and right now. For the first time in our lives we are putting our family before work to reconnect and focus on what is truly important to us.


We are not what you would call risk-takers. Our lives have followed a very sensible path and that has served us well up until this point. But now is the time for us to feel the sun on our backs as we set off on a little adventure to open our eyes and our minds and set a path for the next phase of our lives.

The Pollard Family

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