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Slowly, slowly... then all of a sudden. Why OUR BIG LAP?

We made the decision that we were going to do OUR BIG LAP about 18 months ago. It was a momentous decision. Life changing. In one moment, with one decision, the course of our family's life changed for the better. On the surface it was an impulsive decision, but the truth is that by nature we are not impulsive people. In fact the decision to pack up our family into a caravan and travel around Australia for seven months was the result of a sense of dissatisfaction that had been simmering away under the surface for several years. It is like going broke - slowly, slowly, then all of a sudden. Losing everything you own doesn't happen overnight, but there is always a moment when you finally tip over that precipice and you are bankrupt.

We hadn't hit rock bottom, but something needed to change. And so we made the decision to make that change.

In the wake of our decision I thought it would be a fun exercise for each of us to sit down independently and write down what lead us to OUR BIG LAP. We were living what, to me at least, seemed to be such seperate lives and so I was interested to know how similar or how different our motivations for OUR BIG LAP were and what we each hoped to gain from the experience.

Click on a link below to find out about OUR BIG LAP from each of our perspectives...


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